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After you read about Vivienne, Evan, Rio and their friends, maybe you will be inspired to find your own dance!

Vivienne's Dancing Day

Vivienne's Dancing Day

Publication: Nov. 28, 2021

What's your dance?

That's the question everyone is asking about this new children's book by Shannon D. H. Montague, with inventive illustrations by Emily Cornacchio.Vivienne, Rio, Evan and their friends enjoy lessons at school with their teacher, Miss Peters. They work diligently to learn about numbers, read books and speak French. But when the Head of School, Ms McKune, makes her weekly visit to their class with her strict rules, the learning loses its fun. 

Vivienne, much to Ms McKune's dismay, takes matters into her own hands and decides that it is time to add some dancing to their daily routine!

"Thanks to Miss Peters, my costume appears,

As if this moment were planned for years.

Quickly I find my Irish dance shoes.

Black and sparkling, I’ve nothing to lose!”

With each one of the children poised and ready with a distinctive dance to share, how will Ms McKune react to these new artistic additions in her school? Could she finally realise that the fun is part of learning too…?

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